The AquaMonitor portal presents up-to-date water quality data in the form of maps and graphs. NIVA can also create project portals for new geographical areas or projects.

AquaMonitor presents data:

  • from monitoring stations in rivers, lakes, fjords and coastal areas
  • in the form maps and graphs
  • in real time
  • that gets updated with analysis results from our laboratory

Monitoring data from the AquaMonitor-portal (in Norwegian)

AquaMonitor project

We can create project portals for specific areas or monitoring projects. Several of these pages give you the option to download data for further use.

AquaMonitor currently exists in Norwegian, but can also be set up in English as necessary. Examples of project portals are: Inner Oslo Fjord, Outer Oslo Fjord and Langtjern in Buskerud County.

NIVA have carried out long term monitoring in the Inner Oslo Fjord funded by the surrounding municipalities. The programme focused on eutrophication and environmental contaminants, and was conducted in collaboration with the Institute of Biology at the University of Oslo. NIVA publishes observations of water temperature and sight depth from seven monitoring stations in the Inner Oslo Fjord.

Ferrybox-equipment installed on board the MS Color Festival is used for continual real-time measurement of water quality, and for the collection of water samples.

Contact: John Arthur Berge, research scientist, Contaminants in marine environments

Monitoring data from the Outer Oslo Fjord (in Norwegian)

NIVA carries out long term monitoring of the water quality in the Outer Oslo Fjord in collaboration with the Institute of Marine Research. The programme is funded by the surrounding municipalities. NIVA monitors hard bottom sediments, soft bottom sediments and some water chemistry, while the Institute of Marine Research monitors water chemistry, hydrography and plant plankton in open waters. Water chemistry monitoring results are continuously published on the AquaMonitor portal.

Ferrybox equipment installed on board the MS Color Festival is used for continual real-time measurement of water quality, and for the collection of water samples.

Contact: Mats Walday, research manager, Biodiversity in marine environments

Climate station at Langtjern, Buskerud County (in Norwegian)

Changes in climate can affect many fundamental processes in lakes. There are many questions to which we currently have no answer. Will the fall turnover cycle of water occur sooner or later with a warmer climate? Will the oxygen level in bottom water in lakes decrease with an increase in temperature? Will the ice set earlier, and when will the snow begin to melt again? Does increased water runoff dilute the amount of nutrients in a lake, or does the level of nutrients increase after rainfall?

The remote climate station at Langtjern provides insight into these questions by measuring water temperatures, oxygen levels, pH, conductivity, colour, water levels and soil and air temperatures. Data is collected every two hours and the web page is updated daily.

Contact: Heleen de Wit, research scientist, Contaminants in freshwater environments

Last updated 28.04.2017